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TheKnight 23Apr2011 01:25

Hi to all!

I am a new member here and I've been dealing with C++ for quite some time but didn't put the needed effort and time to learn it completely so now I'm back again determined to learn it. Just got by to say hello and hope to see friendly members and cooperate. Cheers.

shabbir 23Apr2011 09:04

Re: Hello
Hi and welcome to the forum

kyle 23Apr2011 18:14

Re: Hello
welcome man !!!

pima cotton 25Apr2011 00:43

Re: Hello
can i start a topic?

shabbir 25Apr2011 07:39

Re: Hello

Originally Posted by pima cotton (Post 82246)
can i start a topic?

Yes why not.

Ana_Campos 26Apr2011 15:39

Re: Hello
But 1st be sure you searched for the topic ahead. You will be surprised to find out that your "incredible problem" was already solved by another person :P

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