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nourharidy 21Apr2011 21:37

Facebook PHP game
How many PHP developers do you need to develop a successful PHP facebook game w/o graphics (such as mafia wars,etc).
And is it that hard so i need dozens of super duper experts ?
and how much should each earn per month(fixed or percentage).

ManzZup 21Apr2011 21:50

Re: Facebook PHP game
sorry i have not much thing about mafia wars
but generally a small team of 4-5 programmers can handle a good game for FB
but if its flash, the interaction would need you some with a good flash end knowledge plus some php

nourharidy 22Apr2011 04:44

Re: Facebook PHP game
you still didn't talk about the money or profit percentage.

shabbir 22Apr2011 08:58

Re: Facebook PHP game

Originally Posted by nourharidy (Post 82149)
and how much should each earn per month(fixed or percentage).

This depends on your budget. If you have say USD 1k budget you can get it developed by somebody and pay him some fixed amount but if you have no budget you may have to share the profit if he agrees to. There cannot be a general rule like you have to be doing this only.

nourharidy 22Apr2011 09:29

Re: Facebook PHP game
Actually i meant how much money or percentage,not that or that.

shabbir 22Apr2011 09:54

Re: Facebook PHP game
Yes that depends on project to project and budget to budget.

ManzZup 22Apr2011 20:17

Re: Facebook PHP game
its all about how good your team, your project and amount [MAX] you can deploy in it

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