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rajeshrajseo 18Apr2011 10:53

Famous Model
Who is famous model of the world?:crazy:

Ana_Campos 18Apr2011 14:39

Re: Famous Model
Although age has passed over her i would point to Naomi Campbell

vijayjoshigvt 19Apr2011 16:39

Re: Famous Model
I Think Kate Moss.

rajeshraj 20Apr2011 16:52

Re: Famous Model
Ana Beatriz Barros is famous model of the world.

seonitunk 27Apr2011 12:27

Re: Famous Model
I think Kate Moss.

Richard41 13Jun2011 10:47

Re: Famous Model
Kate Moss

X6xErIDU_SiMuLAx6X 13Jun2011 22:05

Re: Famous Model
eh... i prefer pornstars

pramodets 29Jun2011 18:13

Re: Famous Model
keira knightley is famous model.

sushilrai 23Oct2011 13:05

Re: Famous Model
Gisele Bundchenis most famus model . She is known as the highest-paid model in the world.

marino.DV 26Oct2011 03:29

Re: Famous Model
don't know if she is modeling but Carmen Electra has always been my fantasy girl !

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