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ellenwillss 15Apr2011 12:54

What is a wordtracker?
Hi, Everybody
I heard this word "wordtracker" many times but never search about it. Recently someone said me that itís a very useful tools regarding SEO. Please if anyone knows about it then explain me what is it & why itís very useful.

shabbir 15Apr2011 13:46

Re: What is a wordtracker?
Then search about it.

shawn1 16Apr2011 00:12

Re: What is a wordtracker?
Hi guys,..
This is the tool for searching the keywords for your newly developed website
A keyword searching tool.


fattaah 22Apr2011 17:08

Re: What is a wordtracker?
Read the article-

fattaah 22Apr2011 17:10

Re: What is a wordtracker?
Wordtracker is a keyword research tool use to refine best keywords for your website which are maximum fired by people in the search engines so that you could work on these and get huge traffic.

Click SSL 25Apr2011 15:45

Re: What is a wordtracker?

Originally Posted by fattaah (Post 82183)

You make it really easy to understand through that article. Thanks for sharing that link.

Erskine 20May2011 14:37

Re: What is a wordtracker?
wordtracker is one of the most famous and best tool of SEO for keyword search... Mostly people prefer it to use for search of keyword.. it just best one....

linkbuilding5 26May2011 16:10

Re: What is a wordtracker?
Word tracker is the tool for research keywords and analyzing keywords.

jack jastin 27May2011 10:42

Re: What is a wordtracker?
Word tracker is a keyword research and analysis tool that gives you a simpler way for you to finalize the keywords for your project.

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