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teacher 5Apr2011 19:17

What about life in IT company after college?
hii there i am doing btech from computers and after 1 year i will get consumed by some company most probably IT.I know life there is not so good .Some computer engineers from SAP scared me to death about their life and kind of job they do there.Only copy paste ,not much money,no brains. i know TCS and INFOSYS are worst then SAP.So if you belong to these companies or alike then do share your experience ..

Any reply is appreciated

shabbir 5Apr2011 19:40

Re: What about life in IT company after college?
You did not ask the right people because the person who have scared you to death are those kind of people who will never be satisfied.

Copy paste is a very good work for some people and not much money is always relative. I used to make 40k when I was doing a job couple of years back and on few days I make more than that making just one trade in the equity market.

Now coming back to what you should be doing.

You can always Criticize Infosys and TCS but then when you are of that big size that is probably the best possible thing that could happen (you can always argue but lets not).

So instead of going for those big companies and big names opt for a smaller one and you will see you have lot more to do that just copy paste. Infact you have to do from requirement analysis to coding to testing and lots more.

Opt for a mid size or even small company where you will learn a lot but will not enjoy the charismatic name of such big organization.

The choice is yours.

teacher 6Apr2011 22:51

Re: What about life in IT company after college?
sorry shabbir if i am continuing this conversation unnecessarily but really i have got lots of questions in my mind and i think you are the right guy to whom i can talk this about...

may be you are aware of the condition of private universities here in India.I accidently got in here and now i am paying up the price sitting between muggers and *******.I just can't bear this any more after my college.The university is going to stuff us in TCS but i think i deserve much better then this.Money is not my priority and will never be.

but i think i lack professional advice . i have decided not to sit on campus placements and will make my own way.

what do you say?
Plz do not think that i will blame you later for your suggestion if i ever got in trouble by doing this... He he

just reply from your experience . i think you have enough of that

shabbir 6Apr2011 22:59

Re: What about life in IT company after college?
I don't think opting out of your Campus placement is what I would suggest you. Get that offer in your hand but look for off campus offer and when you have one in your hand the confidence shows in the off campus interview.

Just make sure you don't relax after you have the offer letter or that will become your destiny.

rajeshrajseo 15Apr2011 10:18

Re: What about life in IT company after college?
Thanks to all of you for sharing our feelings.

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