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EoinZero 4Apr2011 22:13

hello from Ireland
Hello, my name is Eoin and I'm a student studying Programming in Dublin, Ireland! :crazy: I am also a Bar Man and work nights... gets to you after a while. I am starting to forget everything! Right now I am working on two program's that are doing my head in.

Anyway, hope this site can help me and I can help others,
Take her handy,

shabbir 5Apr2011 09:44

Re: hello from Ireland
Hi and welcome to the forum

EoinZero 13Apr2011 19:37

Re: hello from Ireland
Thank you!

William9 14Apr2011 20:56

Re: hello from Ireland
Looking ahead for interesting stuff from you. Feel free to ask questions and answer the question in right category. Cheersss...

Ana_Campos 18Apr2011 14:36

Re: hello from Ireland
Always nice to have an Irish among us :P

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