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VaultBoy 28Mar2011 08:40

iPad2 Review
iPad Second Generation Review

Apple has added alot of new things to it's new product the iPad2, but is it really worth it? Yes! Well, that is if you haven't already bought the first generation device. The new device boasts a Dual-core A5 processing chip which makes it quite a bit faster then the first generation model. It is also lighter, and boasts the copatability with the new magnetic cases/stands. Ofcourse at the price of anywhere from $40-$75, it's not exactly an extra detail that's free. Also all the new gear that has come out for both models, mainly because of the new models release, are fun, helpful, and seamingly worth while to the big time Apple fan, but expensive. I love what they have done with the new desighn though, and all the new iPad only apps (which I haven't got to use, but Are taking the word of reviews, and some awesome screen shots). So the verdict is yes, worth it. That is if you haven't bought the first one, or your are a huge Apple fan. Happy shopping!

Ana_Campos 28Mar2011 16:18

Re: iPad2 Review
I think i will make my mind on buying after seeing what that Tab from Samsung has to offer. Between Xoom and iPad2 i will have to give the victory to Apple but who knows maybe this time it will be different

Trimegisto 30Mar2011 02:49

Re: iPad2 Review
What about the rumors about Google Nexus Tablet? What do you think about that?

Ana_Campos 1Apr2011 15:57

Re: iPad2 Review
Well although people are speaking about it there are still rumors. But i am sure Google won't let the tablet market slip....

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