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Prodigy 26Mar2011 19:37

Xat hacking?
Hey guys I would like to know good methods of hacking xat chats. If you dont know whats xat its basically chatrooms people make on xat.com. I have tried Ratting the owner of the chat but it didnt work so I have no other choice then to ask for another way. And if you can hack a chat for me that would be great :P lol But all I really want is to know other methods of taking over a chat. Getting the chats password basically.

kyle 29Mar2011 02:09

Re: Xat hacking?
try some kind of "phishing" build a webpage with malicious script content that once clicked wold leave a event on pc, once the right time is reached the event will be activated forcing the pc to download and install a keyloger remotely, after that all you have to do is wait for the keyloger to send you the email with all the keystrokes typed that day, this way you get what u want.
i'm not sure how to do this in practice but who knows, it might work.

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