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CrossVampire 21Mar2011 15:27

auto increment Id no
hi., I'm using MS Access for the Database and visual basic 6.0 for programming. I was just wondering how to auto increment ID number with a format of (Year-Month-Id#).. Please i need some help... Can you help me..? Please... Thanks in Advance.!!

shabbir 21Mar2011 16:00

Re: auto increment Id no
Get the last id and increment it by one or store the last id in some settings file.

CrossVampire 22Mar2011 10:56

Re: auto increment Id no
ah, then whats the data type for the ID number? was it Text?

CrossVampire 22Mar2011 11:01

Re: auto increment Id no
the format is (Year-month-ID#) and how am i going to increment that?

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