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jesicawillss 21Mar2011 13:29

How can I get my keyword up?
I am working for the Mobile Development Experts.
I am doing blog posting, forum posting, blog commenting to get the SERP of the keyword “iPhone application development”. Back links for this page is 27. But, I can’t understand why I am not getting the result. Can you suggest me some idea for this.

My link for this page is http://www.mobiledevelopmentexperts....velopment.html.

shabbir 21Mar2011 14:28

Re: How can I get my keyword up?
The quality of the links is not very compelling for it to rank better. Apart from that your on page content is almost NIL

Ana_Campos 21Mar2011 16:39

Re: How can I get my keyword up?
Also the keyword; think only on how many have this set as their main keyword ...

Click SSL 22Mar2011 11:52

Re: How can I get my keyword up?
To get high ranking on SERPs it is not enough to work only in forums and blog. You can increase your backlinks from various SEO techniques. You can do maximum in search engine optimization but you can't forget about relevancy or quality. Because search engines only considering quality backlinks to your website.

Ana_Campos 24Mar2011 18:26

Re: How can I get my keyword up?
And even on this forum with some quality answers could prove a boost at some point

jaisonvincent 30Mar2011 18:49

Re: How can I get my keyword up?
Actually the result of SEO to a particular keyword or phrase is relating to the time, competition of particular keyword, keyword density in your site, occurrence of keyword in meta tags etc. You have to use the Keyword as anchor text for backlinks and as title in bookmarking.

mathewhogard 1Apr2011 12:39

Re: How can I get my keyword up?
I think now you should try Article submission, social bookmarking sites. It should be noted that their are high PR site.

fattaah 25Apr2011 14:24

Re: How can I get my keyword up?
take relevant backlinks like technology sites, hosting, software having good pr and the unique content will help you to get rank.

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