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Cleptography 18Mar2011 05:13

Batch / dos extended language project
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The BATCH / DOS Extended Language Project (Del-P) was started as a way to add extended functionality to DOS Batch scripts.
Offering user defined functions, commands, syntax and the ability to import pre written batch scripts, make using Del-P very diverse and user friendly.
This is a new project which offers little to no support outside of the example files and studying the format of the functions themselves.

In today's world of scripting languages, Perl, VBScript, and Powershell, Del-P is in no way comparable.
Much development is needed on this project to bring it up to speed with today's standards.

Being an open source project any outside input is encouraged and welcomed.

Build Directions
1. Create a main directory on your system and call it "Convert Batch"
2. Create a sub directory inside the main directory and call it "AU3", this is where the compiled AU3 scripts "MsgBox.exe" and SplitString.exe will go.
3. Download the "Main Directory files.zip" and put the files inside the main directory "Convert Batch" that you created
4. Download "SysFuncs.zip", "Include.zip", "Sources.zip" and put the directories inside the main directory "Convert Batch"
5. Download "MsgBox.zip", and "SplitString.zip" from the post directly below this one and put the .exe files inside the AU3 directory

Directory Notes
You should now have a main directory called "Convert Batch" with files "ConvertBatch.bat", "Examples.bxs", "File.txt", and "License.txt" inside the main directory.
You should have 4 sub-directories inside the main directory called, "SysFuncs", "Include", "Sources", and "AU3" with all function files and source files inside those sub directories, with the exception to the AU3 directory which has the compiled .exe files in them. The "Source" directory has the sources to those scripts.
If you wish to build or add support to Autoit for Del-P you will have to download the Autoit scripting language which you can get here.

Executing Scripts
To execute the "Examples.bxs" script, open a command prompt in the main directory "Convert Batch" and type "ConvertBatch Examples.bxs", which will run the examples script.
Optionally you can add the main directory to your system path so you can run .bxs scripts from anywhere.

Known Issues
Described in the 263 line example script in the comments

Post Notes
As described above Del-P is an open source project and can be modified, redistributed in any way following the guidelines described in the "License.txt".
All code was written using Notepad++ which you can get here

If you decide to use Notepad++ I have included the "userDefinedLang.xml" for download in the attachments.
Please send all bug reports, updates for future release, ideas, etc.. to

Cleptography 18Mar2011 05:15

Re: Batch / dos extended language project
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MsgBox.exe and SplitString.exe
Download these files and put them into the AU3 directory.

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