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ManzZup 17Mar2011 12:50

A free web template [ HTML + JQUERY]
hellow guys,

This is the first of my web templates that is released to everyone to use freely. This isnt excellent, but tried on ma best to make the things clear for everyone to understand [the coding, and placement ]
Hope you'll enjoy it

Preview: http://zontek.zzl.org/demo/free-1/
Download: http://zontek.zzl.org/demo/files/free-1.zip

If anyone plans to use this template, please put your site link so i can add it my list :D

Thank you

PS: a completed premium version [with serves, about,portfolio and + pages completed would be comming soon, but would cost around $4 [hope thats reasonable] :D

Ana_Campos 18Apr2011 14:35

Re: A free web template [ HTML + JQUERY]
The template looks great!
I think it would be a good deal for you to provide such things on a pay per use service because it appears you have some talent...

ManzZup 18Apr2011 22:11

Re: A free web template [ HTML + JQUERY]
thank you Ana_Campos
but i think these templates are not in a position to be premium ones
i'll soon put some premium ones as well :D

Click SSL 19May2011 11:47

Re: A free web template [ HTML + JQUERY]
It is looking good... Such a simple and cool template.

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