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degee 11Mar2011 13:58

My love - laptop
I bought a DEGEE laotop on website. Today, I receive my love laptop.
All aspects of my DEGEE laptop:

Operating System Windows 7
CPU Intel ATOM D425 1.8GHz (Faster than N450/D410)
Graphics Intel GMA3150 (384MB Display RAM)
Display 10.2 inches TFT WSVGA (1024x576)
Dimension 251mm x 185mm x 31mm
Weight 1.2KG
Memory 2GB
Storage Device 320 GB SATA
Card Reader Build-in 4 in 1 (SD/MMC/MS/MS pro)
Camera Built-in 1.3Mega Pixel Camera
Keyboard 80keys Standard English Keyboard
Adapter 100-240V, 50-60Gz
Battery 3 Cell Li-ion 2200MAH
Working Time max up to 3 hours

It costs me only $216.99, what do you think of? Is it cheap?

shabbir 11Mar2011 14:16

Re: My love - laptop
You should not consider the pricing when dealing with your love :D

Ana_Campos 11Mar2011 16:05

Re: My love - laptop
yep, true because paying love has another name :D (google it)

Trimegisto 23Mar2011 19:16

Re: My love - laptop
Or maybe love has no price...:D

sheshang 17Apr2012 16:56

Re: My love - laptop
While buying a laptop, just check it's features, specifications and such other things, as you have to use it long time.

barbarahambly 23Apr2013 12:13

Re: My love - laptop
its true you buy anything just like laptop check its features,model,specification for running long time.

Gniot_group 21May2015 14:08

Re: My love - laptop
to check the featurs of the laptop, spacification for running long time

Axebringer 11Feb2016 15:34

Re: My love - laptop
Is it still your love? Or maybe you had bought some new one?)

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