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XDMickeYXD 4Mar2011 14:25

Java JRE won't install - windows installer issue??
Hello java gurus :)

I have a big problem, i use java a lot,
since i'm learning java programming and play a lot of java games.
Here's the issue:
A while ago i tried installing the newest java jre update,
but the installer wouldn't start (it downloaded the installer, i hit install, and nothing), i also tried the full installer, but that wouldn't start at all. (windows says it didn't install correctly... go figure)
I then tried removing all older java versions, etc. with these programs:
Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
It worked, no errors whatsoever, but when i then ask JavaRa to check the installed java version,
it says i have "Java JRE version:" which is weird, since i'm pretty sure i uninstalled it (?)
Web-based java games and .jar files don't run, however Minecraft (a java based game with it's own launcher) works perfectly fine! Again, you'd expect it not to...
If i go into add/remove programs, there is nothing containing "java", "jre", or "sun".
I have tried several java installers, every single one failed.
They just close without any error message, sometimes windows pops up saying "'This program may not have installed correctly"

I have been struggling with this problem for months now, and i believe java is really screwed up on my pc...
Although i tried installing java on my virtual machine, and i noticed that windows installer installs java, so it could be an issue with windows installer, because when i run the java installer everything runs fine up until the moment windows installer is supposed to pop up.
I'm 100% positive it is not malware/virus related, because my pc is clean.
I really hope someone can help me with this problem, i have tried other forums, but no luck so far, and as you can see, it's a pain in the youknowwhat D:
Thank you!

XDMickeYXD 5Mar2011 01:47

Re: Java JRE won't install - windows installer issue??
Anyone? :)

XDMickeYXD 6Mar2011 16:58

Re: Java JRE won't install - windows installer issue??
No one? D:

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