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sansatan 2Mar2011 22:18

Cracking PKCS12 file
I just want to present a little multithreading program to crack PKCS12 files (i.e. p12 and pfx extensions files) using a dictionary attack (no dictionary file is included). It requires ssl development library and POSIX threads to compile.

It's releases under GPLv3 license so source code is available.

You can download it from sourceforge.net. Search "crackpkcs12" project.

Usage is very simple:


Usage: crackpkcs12 -d <dictionary_file> [ -t <number_of_threads> ] [ -v ] [ -s <message_interval> ] ] <file_to_crack>

  -d <dictionary_file>    Specify dictionary file path
  -t <number_of_threads>  Specify number of threads (by default number of CPU's)
  -v                      Verbose mode
  -s <message_inteval>    Number of attemps between messages (implied -v)

Have fun,


sansatan 19Jun2011 20:18

Re: Cracking PKCS12 file
New version of crackpkcs12 including brute force attack capabilities.



crackpkcs12 { -d <dictionary_file> |  -b <max_psw_length> [ -c <base_char_sets> ] } [ -t <num_of_threads> ] [ -v ] [ -s <message_interval> ] <file_to_crack>

  -b <max_password_length> Use brute force attack and specify maximum length of password
  -c <base_char_sets>      Specify characters sets (one or more than one) and order to conform passwords (requires -b)
                          a = letters (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz)
                          A = capital letters (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ)
                          n = digits (0123456789)
                          s = special characters (!\"#$%%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\\]^_`{|}~)
                          x = all previous sets\n
  -d <dictionary_file>    Use dictionary attack and specify dictionary file path\n
  -t <number_of_threads>  Specify number of threads (by default number of CPU's)\n
  -v                      Verbose mode\n
  -s <message_inteval>    Number of attempts between messages (implied -v) (default 100000)

Dowload it from Sourceforge.

Have fun,


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