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magnusiii87 28Feb2011 22:58

Pure 8086 programming questions
Hi i am new to assembly programming and computer science, i am looking for alot of information i plan on going all the way with assembly programming. I understand it and stuff but as far as data organization i am still unfamilar enough i am waiting on finind out where the sceen data is stored and stuff and how exactly if it only processes a few numbers at a time how all the difffernt screen data are computerted simutainious that is if just four registers. i do not want to be a hasel on this fourm with a ton of questions, all i need is just some good books, that list useful assembly language level information, like what are the sectors where screen data is stored, like i know assembly langauge but the hardware info i can't even make a little red dot on the screen and make it dance it is a bit bull shit that their are no toutorials on this for someone who doesn't want to do anything but start from scratch and make their own graphics routines,. I have a real original concept for how to put together a language and a really cool evolving ms dos game that will sell big i will love to do the hard work on it it's just i need books i need this information, some book that gives all machiene code level detail on how screen data and the machiene works. MASM i also think is bull, writing a real macro is doing it from scratch and your not relly knowing the data unless you know the block adresses it's like saying you own a lot of land and dont remember the area just put a name on it and let the computer pick witch lot it is the view from the lot that's where your house is, anyways it makes sense to me having no automation and doing it from scratch building your own routines, and i am going to do it, since i have learned assembly i still can't imagine programming in someone eleses programming language because the organisation at low level is so essitential and i can tell you with c plus plus they got it worng i am a game player since i was a kid and how i imagined a programming language is how i want mine and i am going to make it for all gamer kid who grew up thinking of languages of programming like i did, infact beoffre reading on a programming language i already had a concept in my mind of what one is and how one could program a game and it was much more advanced then the ones i got c plus plus and stuff, and i can still make that language that i wanted just the organization of c plus plus and tehe ohthers is lamed to my concepts of maximing the procesr so i will start from scratch, witch i will develop my own language and game. One big thing that assembly can do is graphics, and they say it's hard but is not just not alot of info ready avaliable with adresses and ish you can do it you just make routines for repeated functions macro program something you right first that copies the command list and repeates it at compile time for a certain sequence of words, i need the books to find the books, that it's like your a caveman with no other programming languages notheing asm is it no masm or librabries just the bare bones that is what i mam looking for giving on how to make a graphic like a pink dot on screen not pre made graphics and ish but the bare bones you do all the code not any done for you , thanks and sorry if i went on to babble a bit and i know typing not that good but i am too lazy to go through and correct it i think the jist is gotten though.

xpi0t0s 1Mar2011 18:34

Re: Pure 8086 programming questions
OK now you've had your rant do you want to split that into paragraphs and remove the swearing so that we have a clue what you want to know?

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