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mail.yuva 25Feb2011 15:32

Indian Salary...
A joke from the software industry and india....

what is swarg (Eden)?
  1. american ==> salary
  2. british house,
  3. chinese food,
  4. indian wife,

what is nark (Hell)?

  1. american wife,
  2. british food,
  3. chinese house,
  4. indian salary

Mittu 1Mar2011 14:31

Re: Indian Salary...

suraj2011 1Mar2011 15:18

Re: Indian Salary...
ha ha ha.......

teacher 17Apr2011 09:27

Re: Indian Salary...
really funny....

Ana_Campos 18Apr2011 14:42

Re: Indian Salary...
Nice one!

softracid 22Jun2011 03:32

Re: Indian Salary...
nice one...n also true

David Acer 5Jul2011 16:24

Re: Indian Salary...
Both American Salary and Wife.

allin143 28Jul2011 14:07

Re: Indian Salary...
Really nice post and absolutely true.Indian wife are really amazing and American wife are ??????????

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