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vimlesh 24Feb2011 11:43

Directory Submission
What is Directory Submission ?

Click SSL 24Feb2011 18:30

Re: Directory Submission
A directory submission is a web site that specializes in linking to other websites. Directory categorization is usually based on the web site overall rather than one page or a set of keywords. Sites are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories. Directory submission is fine and an easy way to build backlinks, however a large number of general and low quality directories have been hit by Google recently and provide little benefit.

Mike22 25Feb2011 11:19

Re: Directory Submission
Directory submission is primary technique of off-page and it gives you quality backlink for your site.

tulsi.p17@gmail.com 25Feb2011 12:58

Re: Directory Submission
The basic aim of directory submission is to create one way links to a website. This in turn generates more traffic flow towards your website and improves the search engine rankings.

Darrelljones 25Feb2011 23:47

Re: Directory Submission
Directory submission is one of the most affordable, often free, link building methods existing out there today.
Some directory submission benefits :-
1)Directory submissions provide increased link popularity.
2)Getting listed in major search engines.
3)Increased visits from search engine robots
4)Increased visibility to search engines
5)Keyword targeting.
6) Brand building.
7) Relevant link building.

stacey 1Mar2011 15:01

Re: Directory Submission
Its one of the way to get one-way links for the website. Google likes Quality one-way links for the website.

1) Submit in the Free Quality Directory alone,
2) Submit per day 20 websites.
3) Build Backlinks from different IP.

stacey 8Mar2011 12:33

Re: Directory Submission
Go for country target free directory will help to rank better in the SERP.

rohitsharma 14Mar2011 17:34

Re: Directory Submission
in my opinion directory submission is not help full like other link building techniques like article submission and social bookmarking as it take long time in getting approved and in most of the directories link didnt get approved. It is just waste of time.

fattaah 25Apr2011 14:31

Re: Directory Submission
do not submit your website in thousand of directory they are useless search only pr directory and submit your website there.

reinblend 19Jul2011 11:22

Re: Directory Submission
I think most of people think that Directory Submission is not so worth than article submission and social bookmarking and not so important than those. But I think slight differently. Directory submission is still very good SOE trick if doing it with right method.

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