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kyle 24Feb2011 03:51

for all n00bs (including myself)
hi everybody
i haven't posted for a while so here i am
i am here to make this "hacking" thing straight!!!
If you wanna be a hacker you got to LEARN!
what does it mean???
it means that (not long ago i was checking google on "how to hack this & that and bla bla bla craps") but after 1 year i finally relised that the only way to hack is to learn how to.So i left the forums and i left all those script-kiddies thing (i'll start tomorrow) and builded up a library (with 80 books), a rreference that will lead me through hard working & pleasure.
So i wanted to share this with you and emm
this is the site where i downloaded the books:
<<Link Dropped>>
just for n00bs , the people that just like me want to be hackers 4 real :mean::mean::mean:

shabbir 24Feb2011 06:57

Re: for all n00bs (including myself)
Those books are not free for download and so it is not ethical to share them by you. Link dropped.

lionaneesh 24Feb2011 11:24

Re: for all n00bs (including myself)
Pretty good move...
If you want some reference on what to study when to study and how to study have a look HERE

kyle 25Feb2011 01:43

Re: for all n00bs (including myself)
no no guys
the link is valid
otherwise how did i downloaded 80 books
i mean it
the books are free
i know the rules but i don't see anything bad here so the infraction that i got today didn't seem based in rule-breaking facts
i can prove it to you that the books r for free

shabbir 25Feb2011 07:45

Re: for all n00bs (including myself)
I did not mean that link asks for payment but actually those books are not free to be downloaded without making a payment.

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