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RobinvK 21Feb2011 19:25

Spatial / 3D sound
Hey everyone,

I am making a program in which you move a head around in a 3D space. Placed around this head are sound sources, the sound the user hears through their headphones should be a heard as if the virtual head would be their own head.

So if the sound source is far away the volume should be lower, when the sound source is placed next to the right side of the virtual head, the user should experience it as if there is an actual sound source next to their right ear. If the sound source moves around the head the user should experience that as well.

This video shows pretty much what I want to accomplish:
youtube com/watch?v=P-87i9rLwZE

However, I think that the person that made this video uses sounds that are recorded with special hardware that enables them to record the sounds spatially. Is it possible to create a similar program that allows me to place any regular sound around the virtual head and make it sound spatial?

Any help would be very appreciated!

EyeballKid 27Feb2011 12:50

Re: Spatial / 3D sound
I'd recommend looking at OpenAL for this kind of thing...
It's a library designed for placing audio sources in 3D, and sounds like just what you need.

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