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fahadsufiyan 10Jan2007 06:03

hea fahad here
hello to all experts,

student here from chicago ,IL (doin my graduation)

fahadsufiyan 10Jan2007 06:05

Re: hea fahad here
well this is fahad (19,student doin my gradution) from Chicago,IL.
i have went through your posted programs and i really wonder at your passion n craze for programming.

i was in need of a favour ,i will be thankful if you can please ,,

i have a program where am fumbling ,can you please help me out at this point ,

plz plz plz ,i will be obliged to you .

Input format

You should print a single prompt, which includes your name and ends with a newline character. The program will then read an integer, n, which is the number of nodes in the graph. The program will then read another integer, m, which is the number of edges in the graph. The program will then read 2m integers, between 0 and n−1, inclusive. The first integer of each pair will be the destination node for that edge. The second integer of the pair will be the source node for that edge. As each edge is input, it should be added to the adjacency matrix. Note that this is a directed graph, so that edge 0 → 2 can be in the graph while edge 2 → 0 can be absent from the graph. Note that the integers are in free format, which means that they may be divided into any number of lines. Do not attempt to parse each line, as that is unnecessary.

Internal representation
Your internal representation should be as an adjacency matrix of size n Śn. You can use an STL vector or allocate n pointers to n arrays of size n, but you can not declare a fixed two-dimensional array.

Output format
For each node in the graph, you should print one line. The first integer printed in that line will be the source node. Then print the set of destination nodes of all edges which start at that edge. Note that this set may be empty. Each set of destination nodes must be printed in decreasing order. You must print exactly one space between two integers on the same line. You must not print a space after the last integer and before the newline character which terminates this line. The lines must be printed in increasing order of source nodes.

thanks in advance.

fahad sufiyan.

shabbir 10Jan2007 09:35

Re: hea fahad here
Welcome to the forum and regarding your query please let us know what you want rather than putting your complete assignment as a post.

fahadsufiyan 11Jan2007 23:20

Re: hea fahad here
hello shabbir
it ws the whole description that i made ,but i guess it ws in more detail ,coz i wanted to cover every part,
ths is all about a directed Graph which is to be represented as an adjacency matrix.
inputs are n(number of nodes) , m(no od edges) ,it should read every edge as a pair of integer,where the first integer is destination node of the edge and the second integer should be the source node (this is to be done using vectors.)
after this part , the output to be displayed is given in the output section of my prev mail.plz wud yu mind goin thru that.

thanks in advance.
wish to hear a reply ASAP
fahad sufiyan.

shabbir 12Jan2007 09:29

Re: hea fahad here
Do you wish us to do the complete assignment?

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