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Lusitano 11Feb2011 18:57

Is it possible I'm being hacked through msn?
Something happened that made me wonder if I am being hacked. I will try to explain the best as I can mentioning all the relevant info, while trying not to get into unecessary details. I got a message from someone on facebook talking trash at me and when I answered i think I made him mad. A couple minutes after I got a friend request on MSN messenger. The name was "hacking is like sex" and it said we had a friend in common. When i clicked to see the friend we had in common it led me to MSN profile page where I could see the friend in comon. Weird thing about it is that one of those messages saying the conection or page wasn't secure poped up, asking me if i wanted to continue (yes or no). I clicked "no" but the page still opened and i saw the friend in comon, which is indeed friend of the person i suspect to be trying to hack me. But that didn't let worry me much and i just refused the friend request after. What worried me was that next second I looked at msn and it was saying i was loged in 2 places. 1 was my PC obviously and the other it said was on the web. I quickly closed the other one, but it let me worried. Is it possible that somehow someone could have hacked me through this? i know it is possible for someone to find my IP by me accepting someones file or clicking some link they sent me, but is it possible to get hacked somehow by the process i described? If not what is the explanation for having a session started in 2 places? Thanks for the help in advance

shabbir 11Feb2011 19:05

Re: Is it possible I'm being hacked through msn?
Why don't you change your password as well as Security question and then monitor the logged in activity for few days.

Lusitano 11Feb2011 19:29

Re: Is it possible I'm being hacked through msn?
This happened just a few minutes ago and I decided to have an opinion about this right away just in case. Now this might sound stupid from me but it came to my mind to open my msn profile just to check if that happens when i go there, and it actualy does. That message about security displays and then I get loged in web msn as well (therefore the 2 different sessions), so I guess it was just a common thing to happen. But I got scared mainly because I had one of that guy's friends demonstrate a DDOS attack straight to my PC like 1 year ago, so i know they are pros. That wasn't at the place where I'm living at the moment, so the IP he knew back then isn't the same. So maybe all this was a false alarm but I just wanted to know if there was any way they could hack into my PC by such method. But just in case I will follow your advice and do just as you said. But since I already strated this thread I may as well take this chance to ask if there is any know way by which someone can find my IP adress apart from those 2 methods i mentioned on the first post (so that i know what to avoid). Thanks for the help.

shabbir 11Feb2011 19:35

Re: Is it possible I'm being hacked through msn?
All's well that ends well. :D

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