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semantifi 10Feb2011 17:37

SEMANTIFI:Semantic Search Engine
Semantifi is focused on bringing quality results via its semantic search technology for Every user. Today's search engines bring popular results via statistical ranking methods. Popular results are not always quality results, and the searchers suffer in many ways ranging from wasted search time to using misleading information. Semantifi gives exact result for any type of Key phrase.

At SEMANTIFI.COM, Semantifi's search platform will be centrally hosted for anyone to use for free. Publishers can build their own apps to search any datasets or entire vertical search portals. Publishers can be individual users, businesses, and content owners. Apps can be of personal interest, or of high public appeal, or have revenue potential. Apps can be shared publicly, or within social networks, or only to paid subscribers. When users search, they get search results from matching Apps. Like at App Store, commercial Apps will generate revenues.

To illustrate, consider an app to research equities. A publisher sources finance data feeds, configures to the search platform and publishes it. Thompson Reuters or Zacks can be such a publisher. A travel portal like Expedia can configure its reservations databases so travelers can see best itineraries, a retailer like J&R could configure its product catalog so shoppers can see products that match its catalog and so on.

A few more ideas of Apps can be an eBay Sellers App to research bid data, a US schools App to research schools performance, a FDIC App to investigate soundness of Banks, an App to search Craigslist Auto/Jobs/Real Estate, etc.

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shabbir 10Feb2011 18:45

Re: SEMANTIFI:Semantic Search Engine
Welcome but we do not allow self promotion but as an intro I think it can work till you just have too many intro threads.

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