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macknonalds 9Jan2007 17:08

Array Sets?
hello guyz, can anybody help me about this problem:

"Create a java program, that will compute the union, intersection, and difference of a given sets... These given sets must be coming from a user. Example, they want 3 sets or 4 or 5 sets (it must be at least 2 sets) and these set will be named as set 1, set 2 ,set 3 and so on, depending on how many sets the users declared. After he/she declared the number of sets, he will then input the value of the each sets and once the user typed the word "exit", it will stop inputing values with in the set and then proceed to another set where the user will again input some values, until the user will satisfy the values of each set....And then these sets will be manipulated and will show/display the intersection, union, and difference of the sets, thus, the user will choose which sets will be manipulated... HINT: Use two-dimensional array(s) for the sets! (storage)"

I've been on the process of solution but still I'll always stocked-up od decaring the number of sets and the storing of the values of the specified number of sets....

thanks for the help and for the ideas... I really appreciate it much....

shabbir 9Jan2007 17:43

Re: Array Sets?
You have posted it as an Article under the Article / Source code section. I have moved it to the Queries and Discussion forum.

macknonalds 11Jan2007 16:14

Re: Array Sets?
ok.. thanks shabbir...

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