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surbhigvt 7Feb2011 17:21

Link Buying?
What do you think about Link Buying..

stacey 8Mar2011 12:46

Re: Link Buying?
Don't ever buy the links for the website. Always Free Quality links will rank better in the SERP.

rohitsharma 10Mar2011 13:17

Re: Link Buying?
Google penalizing websites for link buying and selling:

Forbes has been penalized by Google for selling links
Google penalized JC Penny for Buying links

fattaah 11Mar2011 10:20

Re: Link Buying?
i never buy a links and always do link exchange on quality and high pr sites.

shabbir 23Mar2011 21:32

Re: Link Buying?

Originally Posted by Rauny (Post 80997)
Hello mate link buying or selling is part of paid internet marketing. In this you buy or sell links as your back links and it also increases your traffic. It should be theme specific.

The question is not what is link buying.

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