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surbhigvt 7Feb2011 17:18

Like music?
Do u like music and which type of music..

arvindgvt1 7Feb2011 18:09

Re: Like music?
yes i like music, I like slow songs.........

shabbir 7Feb2011 18:42

Re: Like music?
Any music that is good to the ears is fine when playing in the background.

vinaykumar4670 12Feb2011 17:50

Re: Like music?
i like music Dum laga from Dil dosti Etc

kumarmannu 1Mar2011 11:42

Re: Like music?
all type of music,but it should be understandable.

Ana_Campos 11Mar2011 15:44

Re: Like music?
don't think there is a person who doesn't like music. For me i like old school alongside with some nice rmx you find on the web

Mannu 3Apr2011 16:35

Re: Like music?
i like all type of music.

seonitunk 6Apr2011 16:33

Re: Like music?
yes i like music.

teacher 7Apr2011 17:17

Re: Like music?
i love to listen rap with gitar.my all time favourite is kanye west and eminem.listen 2 pac some times.

when ever i get frustated i listen pink floyd ..They are really the best music composers..

and when i am in party mood ,i prefer only nirvana..


vijayjoshigvt 14Apr2011 17:13

Re: Like music?
Yes,I like music.

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