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hanleyhansen 4Feb2011 19:22

MCITP: Enterprise Administrator

I'm workingo on becoming an MCITP: EA. How many do we have on the forum?? I have a few questions about setting up my home lab. I have a Dell Poweredge 2900 with 10 GBs of RAM ESXi 4.1. What do you guys recommend as a lad setup? Should I go with that or should I go with Hyper V? Any help, tips, suggestions, you can provide would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

Trimegisto 16Mar2011 01:59

Re: MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
I strongly recomend Hyper-V

hanleyhansen 16Mar2011 06:05

Re: MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
Why's that?

Trimegisto 16Mar2011 17:52

Re: MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
For a very simple reason; if you are serious about Microsoft technologies you should get very familiar with the built-in virtualization in Server 2008.

Although the basic concepts are the same regardless of the fact of using Hyper-V, VMware, Virtual Box or any other virtualization environment, their practical usage varies from one platform to another.

So, IMHO, anyone getting a Microsoft certification should focus primarily on Hyper-V but obviously with an eye on the other options too.

hanleyhansen 16Mar2011 19:33

Re: MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
Makes sense. I was thinking VMware only because it's a smaller footprint and my resources are limited but that makes more sense. Thanks!

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