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virender.ets 3Feb2011 17:22

learn the ethical hacking
How can I learn the ethical hacking?

lionaneesh 22Feb2011 03:14

Re: learn the ethical hacking

Originally Posted by virender.ets (Post 78734)
How can I learn the ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking is generally performed by Hackers , Security-Professionals having good knowledge of Programming..It Involves finding vulnerabilities in computer systems , programs and exploiting it ..

If you wanna start your journey .. Very good :-

1. You need to get a hold of some programming languages
a. C (important)
b. Python (easy and less work)
c. C++
d. ASM(important)

2. Get a hold of some hacking concepts like :-
a. Stack Overflows
b. Heap Overflows
c. Fuzzing
d. Format String Bugs


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