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david09436 30Jan2011 18:51

can you give a code to these?
Create a program that will calculate the CFRS and the letter grade equivalent of a list students using an array of structures. your inputfile:"students.in" and your outputfile must be:"students.out".im confused in filestreaming.

my specifications.
Student as the name of my structure.
Student_List as my array of structure.

my structure named Student has my own member variables:
fullName[string]-name of the student
idNumber[string]-id number of the student
subjectName[string]-the name of the subject taken
classStanding[double]-his/her classstanding grade
prelimExam[double]-his prelimexam grade
midtermExam[double]-his midtermexam grade
prefinalExam[double]-his prefinalexam grade
finalExam[double]-his final exam grade

*the grades must only accept values from 0 - 100

To calculate the CFRS of apply the following formula.

CFRS = (classStanding * .40) + (prelimExam *.10) + (midtermExam * .20) + (prefinalExam * .10) + (finalExam *.20)

the letter grade of the student.
96-100 = "A" 91-95 = "B+" 81-90 = "B" 71-80 = "C" 61-70 = "D" 60 below="F"

INPUT: A list of students with their full name, ID number, The Title of the subject, and the grades for their class standin, prelim exam, midterm exam, prefinal exam, final exam respectively.
OUTPUT: The List students with their ID number, fullName, CFRS and the letter grade.

I saw this problem from a book. And I want to solve this but Im not expert at filestreaming. Im new to it.Can you give the full codes of these and I will analyze the whole code and learn from it.I'm trying it 2 days but I can't. There's so many error.Be my teacher and I will be your student. Im glad to learn from you.I'm only a beginner.can you give me as soon as possible because I'm very confused and excited to learn from it. can you do it now teacher? tnx :))

david09436 30Jan2011 19:46

Re: can you give a code to these?

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