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uche_n2a 30Jan2011 03:05

Selling-Arena dot com
Hello All

it's a pleasure to be part of this forum and as much as I hope to learn from here, I also hope to contribute for others to learn as well. :nice:

My website is Selling-Arena dot com . It is free local classified website with online rental stores. :happy:

The website is very new and I would appreciate advice as to how to make it popular for people to start using it as their option for posting adverts. :worried:

Thanks and kind regards


shabbir 30Jan2011 10:49

Re: Selling-Arena dot com
Hi and welcome to the forum and make sure you keep the self promotion in the intro thread and then only in the signatures.

uche_n2a 30Jan2011 15:00

Re: Selling-Arena dot com

Thanks for your reply. But how do you keep the promotion in the signature. Can you please advice?



shabbir 30Jan2011 18:43

Re: Selling-Arena dot com
Once you cross 10 posts you will see that option

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