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SemperFidelis 8Jan2007 19:10

Values in traffic?
Does traffic to a website help search engine rankings.

shabbir 8Jan2007 20:30

Re: Values in traffic?

Originally Posted by SemperFidelis
Does traffic to a website help search engine rankings.

No. Thats the biggest rumor. The traffic helps in making some extra bucks which can help you do some promoting and SEO nothing more than that.

textlinks 21Mar2007 04:31

Re: Values in traffic?
This may be changing however. While I don't think we'll see it for some time, I do think traffic will play a role in rankings. After all, it does already in sponsored rankings.

Google has been slowly rolling out personalized results. If you have a google account and have search history enabled chances are you are already "victim" to this. Essentially what it means is Google will look at other factors in addition to current algorithmic factors when determining what pages will rank highly.

For example, if you search for "linux" and you have a tendancy to visit Redhat related sites then over time other linux branded sites (such as debian, ubuntu etc) will show up less and less in your results while other redhat sites will start moving up.

This is where traffic could affect the pages you see. Granted the scenario I described here has little to do with traffic but imagine this:

You DON'T have a Google account, but you search for Linux - there is a chance that based on other's search history and the results they clicked, that the pages you see will be influenced. In this case traffic is a factor in rankings. Of course, like I said this scenario is probably a year or more away but I would say it's bound to have an impact.

shabbir 21Mar2007 09:11

Re: Values in traffic?
textlinks the thing you are saying can always be tracked without having a google account because without a redirect also there are chances to know which site you visited but thats not the case as of now.

textlinks 21Mar2007 21:21

Re: Values in traffic?
Yes I agree - simply using an IP and tracking that will yield a certain amount of personalization. But from my point of view, the more data they have on you the more personalized your results will become.

That's why I'm surprised other companys such as Microsoft and Yahoo are so far behind. After all, everyone and his dog has an IM account with loads of personal information, yet they don't seem to use that to personalize search results.

Similar for AOL - they have membership information - which is even more detailed - yet they just use plain old Google organic results, no customization at all.

Now if Google could get us all on Gtalk imagine the possibilities :)

shabbir 21Mar2007 22:48

Re: Values in traffic?
I totally agree on you. First when there was no google analytics you were not getting in adwords the keyword suggestion tools for some of your competitors are getting traffic for but now you can know what are the keywords where go4expert.com gets maximum traffic from and you can get yourself in the top position for that keywords in sponsored listings.

thinkseo123 29May2007 13:07

Re: Values in traffic?
Back links to your site do help in your ranking provided it is from one with also high ranking and related to your site.

shabbir 29May2007 13:48

Re: Values in traffic?
High ranking does not matter but what matter is relevancy. High traffic has the advantage of the traffic from the site itself rather from the SE.

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