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pankaj.sea 27Jan2011 11:17

8 More Reasons to be Using Linux Instead of Windows
Let me share with you 8 More Reasons why you should be Using Linux Instead of Windows.

1. Free and Open Source Software

Linux is free and open source software which means you can redistribute, change, modify the code or the whole system and no one is going to ask you "Why you have done this?" Another most important point is "Its Free". There are too many Windows users are still using a pirated edition of Windows, everyone knows that a legal copy of Windows costs more than $100, so some of us are downloading pirated editions from torrents etc. for saving money! But this is not an ethical, so if you are among them, better to switch to Linux!

2. Everything Is Preloaded

Now after reading the above paragraph, you may ask – "What about the other utilities?" well, in answer to this I will tell you that you are getting all utilities inbuilt and preinstalled! Means while installing the Linux, all software like C, C++, JAVA, Media Players, Drivers will be installed automatically. But that’s not all, if you missed something then you don’t have to search and download manually! Just run commands into the terminal (quite similar to Command Prompt) and get the software installed automatically. To install a software in this way, you just need to know the software name (you can use Google for this) and then simply follow these commands-

Sudo apt-get install <software_name>
For Debian type Linux (Ubuntu)

Yum install <software_name>
For RedHat type Linux (Fedora)

3. Linux Is A Great Place for Multimedia Lovers

Linux comes with all graphic card drivers, sound card drivers inbuilt. So, you will get the full multimedia experience from the beginning. There are too many good multimedia players available, also the desktop effects such as "Desktop on a Cube" or "A Full Flexible Desktop" is really amazing and I can bet that this is far better than Windows! Also, you will not get any codec related issues for playing some media files such as .MKV files etc.

4. Lesser Software Issues

While using Windows, you have got too many software with trial versions, and after ending the trial period you are unable to use the software. But in case of Linux, there is no trialware, shareware software. You will get everything for free and all are full versions. Though there are few Linux available which you have to buy, but they all are enterprise editions such as Red Hat!

5. Few Virus Related Issues

All Windows users are known to Virus. But in case of Linux, you will not get any Virus related issue. Last year almost 50K virus definitions have been added to Windows antivirus database but in case of Linux the number is only 50! So, imagine the ratio, its 50/50000!! So, it makes too secure environment than a Windows! Except this, all Linux comes with inbuilt firewall, which helps your PC to be protected.

6. Performance

Now, this is the most important part of all Operating Systems! Linux is also unbeatable in this field. It works too faster than other OS. As compared in my desktop (Intel Dual Core 2.7 GHz, 3GB DDR2 RAM) copying speed is double in case of Ubuntu 10.10 than Windows 7. Also, opening time of Phosothop CS3 is 20 seconds but in case of GIMP (Equivalent to Photoshop) is less than 10 seconds. While multitasking, Linux performs better than Windows.

7. Easy Installation

Linux is too easy to install. In Windows, you can’t download the copy of Windows and just reinstall it. Because Windows has a licensing system, but Linux doesn’t have it as its open source. So, whenever you need to install/reinstall the OS you can download it from any distro’s website (http://ubuntu.com or http://fedoraproject.org) and then install it. The whole installation (with addon software) takes less than an hour, which is so easy. Even you can install some Linux distributions inside Windows. Means you don’t have to re-partition your hard disk, just install it as a program and when you need to uninstall it, simply go to control panel and remove the program. See Getting Started With Virtual machines and Install Ubuntu Under Windows.

8. Windows Emulator

Now what? Are you thinking to get a Linux? Well, then what about the software you purchased for your Windows? Well, Linux has a good feature, called WINE (Windows Emulator). This enables a virtualization which helps to run all Windows version software inside Linux. Means you will be able to install/uninstall Windows softwares inside your Linux installation! Isn’t great? To get WINE simply run this command into your terminal

Sudo apt-get install wine
For Debian type Linux (Ubuntu)

Yum install wine
For RedHat type Linux (Fedora)

Are you still using Windows yet?

shabbir 27Jan2011 16:51

Re: 8 More Reasons to be Using Linux Instead of Windows
I am still using Windows and I have no plans to move to Linux just because for me Windows is what have the softwares I use for trading in equity markets.

pankaj.sea 27Jan2011 17:02

Re: 8 More Reasons to be Using Linux Instead of Windows
Your point is quite different! ;)

shabbir 27Jan2011 18:00

Re: 8 More Reasons to be Using Linux Instead of Windows

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