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Richard B 27Jan2011 05:04

Can someone please help with keylogger.
The reason I joined was because I need your help.

Would it please be possible for someone to tell me the password of my step-daughters Windows Live account.

My concern is that as she is still at school and is being contacted by someone alot older than her and I really do need to keep an eye on the situation before she potently gets hurt.

Her account is amanda.avery@live.co.uk and her ip address is but I'm really worried that she is getting involved in something or with someone that she shouldn't.

Also I'm not very good on computers, so please take it easy with me.
I have tried to do the following that was posted by SpoonWizard, but because I'm partially slighted I was having major issues with it all.

You can always send her a Keylogger via email or send her a trojan, you can download all of that at elhacker there is a very nice little trojan that you can download by the name of NetDevil, you are new to the whole hacking thing so I suggest that you use NetDevil first, just to get the hang of it. And if you want her password you will have to use a cracker and preferably be on the same network at a LAN as she is not using a server and it will make thing easier for you to learn. Go get Cain & Abel, that is one of the best tools I have used in my whole life for remote attacks, you can do a great deal of things with that, and you can generate rainbow tables as well... Use ophcrack tables with it to steal passwords in seconds and you can also use ophcrack to steal her password remotely...

Many thanks

migmoto007 10Feb2011 02:37

Re: Can someone please help with keylogger.
Here i will search see if i can help out.

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