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Richard B 25Jan2011 00:31

Hello and can someone please help me
Hello everyone and great site.

The reason I joined was because I need your help.

Would it please be possible for someone to tell me the password of my step-daughters Windows Live account.

My concern is that she is still at school but being contacted by someone alot older than her and I really need to keep an eye on the situation before she potently gets hurt.
Her account is amanda.avery@live.co.uk and if you can send the password to me via a pm I would be very grateful.

I can't just go on her laptop and have a look as she takes it with her everywhere, but I'm really worried that she is getting involved in something or with someone that she shouldn't.

Also I'm not very good on computers, so please take it easy with me.

Many thanks

Richard B 25Jan2011 22:18

Re: Hello and can someone please help me
Well I guess no one is able to help me then.

All I want to do is protect my step daughter but I really do need someones help with this.

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