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SarahSEO 22Jan2011 14:21

Social Media Marketing
Social Media marketing is all about branding your product online on different social networks. This involves making of fan pages and corporate profiles, posting pictures and videos and a lot of healthy, related text about it. This whole package creates a lot of attraction online for those who are searching either exactly for this product, or something similar.

Social media marketing also has the involvement of different advertising campaigns, as it helps to promote the product on different websites and social networks. The ad could then lead to the social network corporate page where you can post updated information about your company and announcements.

You can also carry out several promotional schemes that consists of freebies items and giveaways, as this has proven to be a lot effective form of online marketing campaign.

denishverma 24Jan2011 22:41

Re: Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing orSocial Media Optimization is the best way to get good traffic and get good backlinks ever for a target website. Social Media website have a big roles in it.

Such like sites-
- Twitter- Guru of Social Media
- Facebook- Mother of All Media
- Stumbleupon - Best ever
- Digg- Always best
And A lot....

Social media always helps to give exact value to the website on search engines because all search engines crawl the social media i.e. latest news websites....

You you can get good revenues from SMO.

Happy SEO.
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tulsi.p17@gmail.com 24Feb2011 12:38

Re: Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is use for increase the traffic on your website by using social networking websites like Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn....etc.

shrikrishnatech 24Feb2011 13:10

Re: Social Media Marketing
some problems occurs in social media marketing

1. Flying blind
2. Unsure where it fits – who owns social media?
3. Inconsistent participation
4. Not individual or confident
5. Digitally unsavvy team
6. Data paralysis
7. Lack of personalization

fattaah 27Apr2011 16:33

Re: Social Media Marketing
smm is popular a website through media like social networking and bookmarking website.

Peers Braxton 28Apr2011 11:24

Re: Social Media Marketing
Social media for marketing is not at all a new concept. Online marketers have been engaged in it since the social networks first went up. What's really scary is that we haven't yet seen the potential of social media marketing. Yes, online marketers are getting great results from it but they are only at the tip of the iceberg. Social media sites are continuously evolving and developing. It's this nature of constant change that makes it a very effective marketing tool. As people and technology progress, their needs also progress. And social sites are great places to watch out for these trends of progress. If you can see the trends, then you can plan and devise an appropriate online marketing plan.

infoacco 10Aug2011 18:20

Re: Social Media Marketing
social media marketing use to increase the traffic to your web site.

enni 6Sep2011 17:33

Re: Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing is good for promoting your business and you can get more visitors for your site with the social media marketing and you can increase your sells as well.

mirandu85 23Sep2011 16:22

Re: Social Media Marketing
i am very curios to know if the same rules of normal marketing can be applied to social media!!

silvan4now 2Nov2011 17:45

Re: Social Media Marketing

Originally Posted by mirandu85 (Post 87248)
i am very curios to know if the same rules of normal marketing can be applied to social media!!

well most of them yes; but keep in mind this is a virtual working area to say so and here the human interaction is a little different!

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