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pankaj.sea 21Jan2011 14:34

Samsung N150 Review
Last Saturday I visited one of my known computer shop for purchasing a desktop for my friend, in the mean time I was searching for a notebook pc in reasonable price. So, I asked them for notebooks. All they suggested me Samsung N150 but why? They give me a Samsung N150 and I tested the notebook well, probably that helped me too much to write this review. This notebook is quite different than other notebooks having Intel Atom processor, it’s using Atom N450 instead N270. This processor is inbuilt with a graphics processor and also it’s too much low power consuming processor, so it helps to improve the performance as well as the battery life.

Why Samsung N150?

Samsung N150 comes just within $300 (In India) and the features included in this notebook are too high in compare with this type of low budgeted and small notebooks. Just in 10.1 Inch you are getting Intel Atom N450 processor instead of Atom N270. This processor comes with 512 KB of L2 cache and 1.66 GHz speed. So, it works faster than other Atom processors. So, you will get too much faster notebook if you buy a Samsung N150. Not only the processor, this notebook comes with a six cell battery which gives backup at least 8.5 hours, so you will get the full office period for working with your notebook without plugging it into the charger. Especially this feature attracts me more! N150 contains of 1GB RAM and its easy expandable, so you can extend the RAM if needed! Except these basic upgraded features, you are getting three USB 2.0 ports, one VGA output port, 4 in 1 card reader, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Which are all same as a big laptop or a good desktop PC. Not only these, it has an optional feature of 3G inbuilt antenna, if you take this feature then you can access internet by simply inserting a 3G SIM card into the SIM card slot just below the battery connector.


The design of the Samsung N450 is quite different than others, when all notebooks are coming with glossy finish and a glossy reflecting screen; this notebook comes with mat finish body and also a non-glossy screen. Hence you will never feel reflection while working on the sunlight! Size of the screen is 10.1-inch, 1024 x 600-pixel LED-backlit matte display offered bright colors and deep blacks despite the lack of a glossy finish. I’ve used the netbook in the sun and didn’t notice any glare. Not only these, the upper portion are scratch protected, even you don’t have to think about scratches to your loved notebook.

The keyboard of the notebook is same as a laptop’s keyboard, so you will feel comfortable while typing and hence you can type with full ease of speed. The touch pad is same as other N series netbooks, so you are getting a big touchpad with two keys. It works well; also you can adjust the scrolling bars and speed of the touchpad from control panel. It has a smooth surface, tracks accurately and is compatible with multi-touch gestures, so you can pinch and stretch your fingers to zoom in and out of photos, or use a three-fingered horizontal swiping motion to navigate back and forth between documents. The N150 doesn’t have a power button in the hinge like older Samsung netbooks; instead, you’ll find a flip switch on the front. Unlike the rounded hinge design of the past, the N150 Plus has a turned-up, oblong flair that mitigates the slight bulk of the six-cell battery in the back.

Problems with Samsung N150

In the previous section I described all the advantages, but you also need to know the disadvantages. The main disadvantage is speed, though it’s faster than other Atom notebooks, but it’s not so faster that I can be satisfied. While surfing internet, if you open various tabs in Firefox then the pc will be hanged. Also the RAM is too small (you can increase but you have to pay again for this). The keyboard is not a backlit one; hence you can feel uncomfortable when typing in a dark area or in night. I cannot tell you about the 3G speed as I haven’t got it (I was using the N150 without 3G model). Though the keyboard is big but some of you can feel mistakes while typing as it’s not so beeeg! Except these problems, Samsung N150 is rocking!

Full Product Specifications

  • Operation System - Genuine Windows® 7 Starter
  • Processor - Intel® ATOM™ Processor N470 (1.83GHz, 667MHz, 512KB)
  • Main Chipset - Intel NM10
  • System Memory - 1GB (DDR2 / 1GB x 1)
  • Memory Slot - 1 x SODIMM
  • Display LCD - 10.1" WSVGA (1024 x 600), Non-Gloss, LED Back Light
  • Graphic Memory - Shared Memory (Int. Grahpic)
  • Graphic Processor - Intel GMA3150 (Int. Graphic)
  • Sound - HD (High Definition) Audio
  • HDD- 250 GB (5400 rpm S-ATA)
  • Modem - NO
  • Wired Ethernet LAN - 10/100 LAN
  • Wireless Connectivity - 802.11bg/n, Bluetooth
  • Ports - 3 USB 2.0, VGA Output, No HDMI
  • Card Reader - 4 in One

Final Suggestions

Although this notebook has some problems but they are few in numbers. While using a notebook PC, we always looking for good battery backup and this notebook has a winning battery backup. So, this will be my first preference for those who are looking for good battery backup time. But while using this you have to maintain running fewer programs, else the Atom processor will give you trouble. In addition to this, the price is too low. So, this will be better for those who are looking for good notebook for business or some official job, as its good looking, log battery life and light weight. You can move with this small notebook easily. What you think? :D

sandyofmalay 7Aug2011 01:05

Re: Samsung N150 Review
Do they sell this in SE Asia, Malaysia or Indonesia in particular? I ask because I looked this model up on UK retailers and couldn't find anything and I like to buy my electronics back over there due to the savings.


pankaj.sea 7Aug2011 08:00

Re: Samsung N150 Review
Currently Samsung made this an Archived model (In India). So, probably you will not get this gadget... :(

sandyofmalay 8Aug2011 04:43

Re: Samsung N150 Review
Hmm, thanks for the reply anyway. Still in the market for a budget notebook if you have any ideas.


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