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abilondias 19Jan2011 09:08

Hi everyone,

My name is Abilon, I am 16, in currently studying at tech school, It gives me a lot of knowledgebase so i could get the line by myself.Still there. :D

I like to develop web based things, with HTML, PHP and Javascript. I'm even challenging myself and acquiring information, and more and more information.

I am Lady gaga's fan, and Dota PRO.

If you need help, dont hesitate to pm me, if in my bounds i will help you certainly.


shabbir 19Jan2011 10:40

Re: Intro
Hi Abilon and welcome to the forum

abilondias 19Jan2011 11:18

Re: Intro
Thanks shabbir, i hope get 100% of full use of the forum

shabbir 19Jan2011 11:38

Re: Intro
Sure you will and you can post if you see any issues in the help and support forum.

abilondias 19Jan2011 11:45

Re: Intro
Fo sho man. count on me


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