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durkmusic 18Jan2011 21:06

Xbox Live Account Hacked
My account got hacked: I get an email that says you just purchased 4000 ms points! Which I didn't. So I got to sign on to xbox on my console. Nope. Doesn't work. So I go to sign on to xbox live.com. It works but what's this? My gamertag has been changed. Not only that, but there are no records of any purchases besides the 4000 ms points purchased, and then gone. Not only has the hacker taken my 2 years of xbox live that I already paid for, he charged my credit card 50 bucks purchasing the 4000 ms points and who knows if he got my credit card info and is buying things like mad! Good thing I have a good credit card company. Anyways, I called microsoft and they said they would fix it but could take up to 7 days. I am glad they could help. But this is stupid. Never have I given out this info or anything so I don't see how they could have hacked me like this. I'm thinking it was an inside job or something for them to just totally change my account and steal all my stuff like this. It would be hard to find this guy I know. He was very good at avoiding that. It would be great to find him and potentially get back at him though. Give him a taste of his own medicine. I don't know if that's ethical. If you consider justice ethical then I guess so lol.

Thanks for listening to my rant lol just want to hear what you guys think.


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