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denishverma 15Jan2011 00:13

SEO for 200 Keywords at Google,Bing,Yahoo
Hi to all readers / users here !

I have a query about seo , Try to give relevant reply if you can?

There is 200 keywords which are mixing of High Competitions and Low competitions.

These keywords are related to services e.g. translation services.

I have a big challenge for these keywords, Needs top 5 Rank on Big 3 search engines - Google, Bing and Yahoo. :agrue:

Now I have queries -

- What is heirarchy of that work for seo
- Any special suggestions for Bing SEO
- Any work plan / SEO plan for this if you can guide ?
- Expected Time frame for this work ?


Warm Regards

shabbir 15Jan2011 12:09

Re: SEO for 200 Keywords at Google,Bing,Yahoo
I would not target 200 keywords in one go but separate out keywords in order of competition. Make a list of those first with most competition.

Add adjectives to the list of most competitive keywords and end with a new list of keywords that are less competitive.

Let us say you want to rank higher for Web hosting. Quite competitive and so instead of working for Web hosting as a keyword I will add few adjectives to it.

Best web hosting
Cheap web hosting
Or even things like
Best Cheap web hosting providers.

Work on those type of keywords and build backlinks.

This ways I am not only going for a lesser competitive market but also working on my final keywords of Web hosting.

denishverma 15Jan2011 12:27

Re: SEO for 200 Keywords at Google,Bing,Yahoo
Thats Great......I also follow the same hierarchy for my target , 5-10 keywords one time.
Thanks to Shabbir sir !

I also need some unique process if anyone can !!

shabbir 15Jan2011 13:04

Re: SEO for 200 Keywords at Google,Bing,Yahoo
SEO is not about rocket science and so there is nothing like unique but yes you can be innovative in getting links.

denishverma 15Jan2011 13:05

Re: SEO for 200 Keywords at Google,Bing,Yahoo
You are right . Thanks. Again .

stacey 18Feb2011 11:27

Re: SEO for 200 Keywords at Google,Bing,Yahoo
Always give important to the free quality backlinks with different IP. Optimized 15 keywords per set & update fresh quality unique content in the website.

janakaquarius 18Feb2011 19:00

Re: SEO for 200 Keywords at Google,Bing,Yahoo
First create a list of keywords according to preference and do Off Page SEO.I suggest submit articles for them and do blog posting in word press and others also.
I think Hub Pages and Squidoo will give more benefit than Directory submission and social bookmarking and many more.It wil take long time.
Sorry, no idea for Bing SEO.

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