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jesicawillss 13Jan2011 17:25

Signature effect
I want to know that if I use signature keyword bold or italic or colored than what is its effect? Can it help in getting more back links?

shabbir 13Jan2011 18:43

Re: Signature effect
Does it means more links or same number of links? The answer will answer your query

stacey 3Feb2011 12:45

Re: Signature effect
Make it has simple text that will do.

Click SSL 17Feb2011 11:55

Re: Signature effect
I think it doesn't effect when you bold, italic or colored as per search engine view. But It can help to attract people to your website through signature.

shrikrishnatech 25Feb2011 13:58

Re: Signature effect
no it doesn't matter keep plan link on signature

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