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white_hat11 12Jan2011 01:36

Websense Proxy Sites
I just thought that everyone at some point is looking for proxy sites, so i signed up with a bunch of things that send me updated lists of sites daily. I am just gonna add those to this thread as they come for people to look at. This way I feel I am helping the community out at least a little. Oh and if you find that these sites work good for your purposes I would appreciate it if you will thank me :). I will add the one working site i have in the next post and then as they come i will post them. If you know of any feel free to post them and if they work i will thank you.

white_hat11 12Jan2011 01:36

Re: Websense Proxy Sites
ok the first one is https://ssltube.com

white_hat11 12Jan2011 01:40

Re: Websense Proxy Sites
Also you use these sites at your own risk. If you are a student in school you can get in big trouble for using these. If you get caught using these sites it is your own fault. I just have to say this so that i dont get any unwanted attention... ;)

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