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Help in Need 10Jan2011 22:43

Help unlocking account.
Hi there community.!

I am curently looking for a nice person who could help me to do the easy job :)
I am playing MMORPG game for almost 5years, i used to illigaly buy virtual money IRL for cheaper costs, so i have some $ in my account. But, due false report to game support that i am cheater or scammer ( cant remember ) my account was locked.

Game support asked me to send them my ID copy so that they can match the ID and account info, by this way i can prove i am the real and only owner of the account/avatar.
But well, but i were creating the account i didint filled any requered information, so when they see my account info (no info) and my ID info, it doesnt match.

I could prove to game support its my account by giving login and password, all time played on one and only my own IP adress, i have many screenies made by the time i played, also game official forums i have hold of, but they just dont cear.

So, what i need exactly is for someone to go to theyr main website and somehow unlock my account. If this could be done friendly, we could discuss about payment.

You can contact me at

TonyMontana78963@hotmail.com ( MSN )

Thanks a lot

Help in Need 11Jan2011 21:05

Re: Help unlocking account.
Anyone ?

Can someone help me with this ?

lincy 12Jan2011 16:52

Re: Help unlocking account.
You can also unlock accounts from the command line:

passwd -u username

Help in Need 12Jan2011 17:11

Re: Help unlocking account.

Originally Posted by lincy (Post 77296)
You can also unlock accounts from the command line:

passwd -u username

Unlock it to me and i send you a little reward.

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