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pankaj.sea 10Jan2011 21:39

AMD Fusion - Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), New Era in Computing
This is known to all that AMD is the only one competitor of Intel’s market. In this “Dual-Core” era of CPU’s AMD is going to launch their APU or Accelerated Processing Unit in this year. Not only AMD Intel is also working with this architecture and hopefully they will also release their new processing technology code named “Sandy Bridge”. Now the only one question is arising in your mind is, “what the hell is APU?”

What Is APU?

Well, APU is a combination of GPU and CPU. When data are processed in a computer, GPU and CPU both processes the data together. So, there is some lack of time by moving data from GPU to CPU and vice-versa. AMD is going to eliminate this time gap by combining CPU and GPU together in a single micro-processor or an APU. As I knew in some promotions of AMD, the processing of data for such computers who are using hi-en graphics, games etc will accelerate to a higher speed. So, we will get a faster computing in this year!

More Info

As far I know, four CPU cores will merge to a single GPU. The four CPU cores will be based on the existing Phenom II microarchitecture. The one GPU will be a DirectX 11 class GPU. The APU will be manufactured on a 32nm process at GlobalFoundaries, and is scheduled to arrive in this year. The code name for the APU is Llano. In other side, Intel’s Sandy Bridge will use a new microarchitecture for the CPU, and an updated integrated graphics core. Sandy Bridge will be manufactured on a 32nm process.

Now regarding the Intel and AMD competition, it would be expected that Intel will have a faster CPU with Sandy Bridge. Historically, Intel’s graphics have not always been the best. Thus one could expect that AMD will have a better integrated GPU than Intel.
You will get more accurate idea on AMD’s APU that how its working, or what is it, by watching the video by AMD.


But do not get too excited; don’t forget that APUs are “just” integrated graphics, even if AMD tries really hard to make them cool. They embed much fewer sub-processors than their “add-on” counterparts, and therefore the raw power is much less. We’ll have to wait for the details and independent numbers before deciding if this is going to be useful in the short-term.

Read More about AMD FUSION at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMD_Fusion

Seo_Aryan 18Jan2011 17:11

Re: AMD Fusion - Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), New Era in Computing
The AMD Fusion APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) gives software developers the power to unleash their imaginations and access new revenue opportunities by creating futuristic, visually rich applications with no-compromise performance even on the small form factor devices users want.

Lulugreen 26May2011 08:40

Re: AMD Fusion - Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), New Era in Computing
Thanks! In this post, I have known APU.

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