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journeyoflife7 10Jan2011 05:22

How To Build A Successful Internet Business
Here is a list I put together in order to build a successful internet business!

1) Patience – You need a lot of patience for consistent effort. Internet business is a lot of mental work!

2) Consistency – In order to build a successful online business, you should be consistent in your work.

3) Progress Tracker – Track your progress. When you can view your overall progress, it will raise your faith and help you keep motivated. A feeling of accomplishment will feel great!

4) Review Your Progress Daily – Reviewing your progress daily will keep your motivation high and remind you of your goals and dreams!

5) Schedule – Create a schedule so you know exactly what you need to do on a daily basis. Create goals and tasks for each day. Getting tasks off your mind and on paper for when you need it later will clear your mind. You can forget later tasks and focus on the current ones better.

6) Share – A great way to succeed is to help others achieve the same. Teach others what you know and it will be a reminder to yourself.

I hope these 5 tips on how to build a successful internet business helps!

shabbir 10Jan2011 10:15

Re: How To Build A Successful Internet Business
Review your progress daily is something that will not help much but will add too much to the frustration more if things don't go shooting overnight.

journeyoflife7 2Mar2011 16:02

Re: How To Build A Successful Internet Business
An easy way to make money online the “proper” way, would be to

1) Choose A Narrow Topic

2) Create A Website On Your Narrow Niche Full Of Valuable Information

3) Drive Quality Traffic To Your Website

4) Setup An Autoresponder

It may take up to 5-7 times until a person takes action towards your product or service. Without an autoresponder, it will be difficult to interact with your fanbase!

Do the above steps, and you will find your easy and proper way to make money online!

MichaelMoody 12Jun2014 13:13

Re: How To Build A Successful Internet Business
It is fact for a successful internet business, that you have to follow sequence of steps towards your successful business, Just follow the few step that make your business successful like find the need of customer and fill it, design and sell easy website to use, find the best search engine to get the traffic to your website, follow your customer and send them emails, increase your income with the help of backend sales and upselling.

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