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ObviousQuark 8Jan2011 11:53

Introductory first post.
Hello, I am glad to be a part of this community, and hope to witness the sharing of knowledge here.

I am currently interested in the following programming languages.

Batch (Or MS-DOS if you would prefer, I have the most experience with this language)

Python (Told this was a good next programming language)

Perl (No experience, but have been told it is very good)

Anything useful would be nice, I am trying to gain information. Thank you!

shabbir 8Jan2011 14:19

Re: Introductory first post.
Browse the articles and you will see lot of good information

prasannaguru 10Jan2011 20:54

Re: Introductory first post.
Hai I need debugging multiple choice questions with answers for competition............
It can be in c c++ java.........
kindly send me the link............
or mail to dprasannaguru@gmail.com

coderzone 13Jan2011 16:14

Re: Introductory first post.
Prasannaguru, post your query as a new thread in the right subforum

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