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senaratne 11May2009 18:20

Re: Grammar tips for writing
Thanks a lot, shabbir, for your interesting instructions.

But I am still wondering about 'internet'. Is it capital or simple at the beginning? I really don't know.

LenoxFinlay 17Jul2009 10:31

Re: Grammar tips for writing
There are some word differences that we can't lay at Webster's feet. For example, "while" and "whilst" mean the same thing, but as far as I can tell, nobody really knows why "whilst" survived in Britain but not America. According to World Wide Words (3), "whilst" is considered to be more formal than "while," even in Britain

senaratne 13Sep2009 00:16

Re: Grammar tips for writing
Great, shabbir. You have addressed your mind on a matter many don't take seriously. As all know, poor grammar and poor spelling makes the reader feel a headache when reading. In many websites, I have felt such headache. I think, when you write, you must try to make it look professional.

As you have said, upper case and lower case spelling is extremely important. Use it correctly. And never forget to spell check your final product. Really, your composition is a reflection of your personality. And nobody will want to project a poor personality of himself.

ted1067 10Oct2009 11:25

Re: Grammar tips for writing
wow, looks difficult.

shipra123 20Oct2009 18:07

Re: Grammar tips for writing
I really liked the tips you shared. It will surely help all the readers to rectify minor mistakes which we usually ignore.

senaratne 20Oct2009 22:53

Re: Grammar tips for writing
Well. It says 'Make Quick Comment' or 'Go Advanced'.

Either way, try to convey your idea clearly. :)

izeres 12Mar2010 16:31

Re: Grammar tips for writing
Great Tips.thanks for sharing.

MartinJose 31Aug2010 12:52

Re: Grammar tips for writing
Thanks. I can correct many grammar mistakes by this post. Thank you.

johnta 1Sep2010 01:54

Re: Grammar tips for writing
What is the different If I can deliver the message , about 300M of the earth population are native English, what about the rest of 7 billion , should they all going by the grammar book. It is only an opinion , Thank you

MartinJose 1Sep2010 07:55

Re: Grammar tips for writing
Ok ,it's true that non-native English Speakers has such kind of problems,including myself. Grammer mistakes do bring me some communication problems.

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