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marcusrules11 5Jan2011 07:55

How do you make an anti-virus?
I know all that crap about how its really hard and stuff but I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE ONE!!!!
If all you got to say is "Its hard and you need to learn about viruses and operating systems and blah blah blah" just leave right now. I dont need your non-sense. I want to know, do I have it scan extensions? File Signatures? What? How do I make it scan? Is there a video that can teach me?

virxen 6Jan2011 03:11

Re: How do you make an anti-virus?
try something like this

marcusrules11 6Jan2011 03:37

Re: How do you make an anti-virus?

Originally Posted by virxen (Post 76959)
try something like this

The problem is, I dont know how to make any of that code! I want help making it not just someones one that they made! Can anyone help me a little by at least showing some example code!

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