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xpi0t0s 4Jan2011 22:44

Trying to fix slow networking in Windows 7
My turn to ask for help...
I've been working on this all day trying to find a solution. Tried loads of different things and still getting nowhere. (OK, I know the obvious question is "what have you tried", but there's too much to list and probably I need to go back to first principles.)

The problem I'm trying to solve is this: I have a Windows 7 homegroup, with 100Mb/s ethernet connecting two computers, and I'm getting at *best* about 1.2MB/s transfer rate peak, which is about 1/10th of what I should be getting, typical transfer rate is under 1MB. 100Mb=about 12MB so I reckon I should be getting way over 1.2MB/s, probably not 11.92MB/s (100*1000000/8/1048576) but certainly I think I should be getting 7-8MB/s.

I've read somewhere (possibly here: http://forums.techarena.in/operating...ms/1316624.htm ) that homegroups are responsible for shockingly low network performance so I've switched it off and am trying to connect via the old Workgroup method. Both computers are a member of WORKGROUP, of course, and they've both been rebooted since making that change.

So now the situation is that I can connect to one of the shares on my other computer but not another. Unfortunately it's the one I can't connect to that is the main one I want to use. The exact error I get when trying to access the share in Explorer is "Windows cannot access \\jan-2010\j. You do not have permission to access \\jan-2010\j. Contact your network administrator to request access." There's a link: "For more information about permissions, see Windows Help and Support", which takes me to "Why can't I connect to other computers?".

Doesn't help; done all that and I still can't connect. Homegrouping is off for the reason given above; network discovery is turned on, password-protected sharing is off, the computers are in the same workgroup, the next one is about permissions but gives no clues about what should be set, it just says "Contact the owner of the file or folder to ask for permission. If you're on a corporate network, contact your network administrator." The next one is "Group policy might be blocking the connection" but I'm not on a domain, and the final one about router updates is just silly (why if that was the case would it block one share and not the other).

Another troubleshooter where you enter the share name you're trying to get to just comes back with:

Your user account doesn't have permission to access "\\jan-2010\j" Detected
Contact your network administrator
You don't have permission to access "\\jan-2010\j".

More googling just returns similar issues with no answers so while I'll keep trying I'm getting to the point where I'm just going to have to accept Homegrouping is the only way to network 2 Win7 PCs together and just use sneakernet for any large network transfers.

Interestingly I *can* access \\jan-2010\Users, and also of interest is that when I try to connect to \\jan-2010\j, get the error then go downstairs and switch off the share, it pops up a message saying someone is connected and that disconnecting them risks them losing data. I can't see any difference in the sharing settings on jan-2010 between the Users and J shares.

My user account is in the Administrators group so supposedly has unrestricted access to the whole computer.

Worked through bubbapcguy's update at
and this didn't solve the problem either.

Just thought to try a transfer from the connection I *do* have; this is faster but still only around 1.7MB/s. So it looks like this whole process is a waste of time. Any idea how I can squeeze 100Mb/s out of my 100Mb/s networking cards, switches, wires etc?

Or is there better technology now? It seems to have been 100Mb/s for a long time now, surely there should be some faster networking available than this?

shabbir 5Jan2011 09:14

Re: Trying to fix slow networking in Windows 7
Just my take on this. If you have secured connection transfer speed decreases dramatically. I have seen this things times when I was working and that too in Win 2008 and Win XP as well. We had 2 server's to connect and one was always slow and it needed you to logged in as a member of the network.

As far as I can remember the slowness in secured connection is because every packet contains authentication instruction and this not only increases the size of the packets but also decreases the transfer rate.

My best guess would be the same thing is hereditary to Win7 as well.

jipsi01 9Jul2012 12:34

Re: Trying to fix slow networking in Windows 7
I am using windows 7 when I am browsing two browser its getting very slow, anybody there about to share this problem, i will be highly grateful about this information.

jaydeee 22Sep2012 18:35

Re: Trying to fix slow networking in Windows 7
Usual cause of slow connection are virus, malware or browser plugin. It will help if you'll scan your computer with ccleaner, avast and malwarebytes to make sure you're virus and malware free. You may also try to user other browser.

Hope it works, good luck

simplifiedsolomon 25Jan2015 20:17

Re: Trying to fix slow networking in Windows 7
Hello professionals Gud day.... I am new here anyways pls can anyone here help me with wat kernel is and d types of kernel we have .... Thanks so much hope to hearing from u soon

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