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maw26 2Jan2011 20:42

Help with this programm
i need to write a program to take a name from the user clear the screen and then display the name

the first part and the second is easy but in the third part i have to display the name without use any interrupts (INT 21H, 10H )

can someone help me

smophos 6Mar2011 02:31

Re: Help with this programm
okay um i dont know if this is allowed and stuff , im just curious as to how do u display without using an interrupt ? i know i prolly sound stupid and u dint expect a question instead of an answer but dont we require the interrupt when we wish to do I/O work ? in the sense we call on the interrupt and the 8086 has a procedure to service the output interrupt to the monitor unless u want to know how that procedure is wrtten..coz isnt that the code(the interrupt service routine) which tells the monitor that it needs to take stuff from the memory and print it onto the screen

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