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freakyboard 1Jan2011 17:35


class x{int a;};
class y:public x{};
main(){y k;  k.a=3; }

How can I access "k.a"?
PS: You can't change or omit any part of the code.
a have to be private.
Member access specifier have to be public ( class y::public x ).
You can add functions to x class but you can't add data members to x class.
You can add functions to y class too.
-> Maybe we need to type a friend function.

xpi0t0s 2Jan2011 16:50

Re: Inheritance
Add a public get and set function to x, which will be inherited by y:

class x
  int a;

  int get_a() { return a; }
  void set_a(int new_a) { a=new_a; }

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